Hurricane Harvey Tax Relief

There is quick financial relief available if you’ve suffered losses from Hurricane Harvey.

Aside from some quick, temporary assistance from FEMA or some partial assistance from a good insurance carrier, most of us will have to wait much longer than normal to get disaster claims or insurance claims processed and paid. But you can recover money quickly by amending your 2016 tax return.

If you’ve already filed your 2016 tax return, by simply filing an amendment and claiming your Hurricane Harvey losses, you can receive a refund in five to seven weeks. If you haven’t filed your return, now is the time to do so, including your hurricane damages.

If you’ve suffered damage, you’ve got enough on your mind. Let us file for you, quickly and easily. In order to provide immediate relief, we’re discounting our amended filing package to $165. New tax filings start at $95. And we’ll give $5 for every return we do to the JJ Watt Charity, which is providing immediate, hands on support to Houston and the surround areas.

Let’s Get Started!

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