Filing your tax return late is expensive

Filing your tax return late is expensive! Some people are staring down the barrel of the absolute final deadline for 2016 tax returns, just as the 2017 tax filing season opens. For those in one of the four 2017 Federally declared disaster areas that occurred prior to...

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Tax Cut and Jobs Act implications for airline flight crews

As tax reform makes it way through the legislative process, there are many fundamental changes that those who work as airline crew members should be aware of. Assuming that the legislation goes forward as has been passed by committee and makes it to President Trump’s...

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Get your tax stuff together for 2017

2017 is almost over! That means it's nearly time to close your books on this year, send out tax forms if you have to, and watch your postal mail for all of the tax forms that will start arriving in a few weeks! How do you get your 2017 tax stuff together? Let's check...

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Record keeping – for people who hate record keeping

Most of my clients hate record keeping and for the most part don't know how to keep records. Here are the things that we see most often: People who don't keep ANYTHING - they come to us with virtually nothing to work with and are convinced that we can "pull up" the...

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An Introduction

Keeping Track Of Mileage For Taxes