Nearly Everything You’ve Read About Crypto and Taxes Is Wrong.

Unfortunately, most information that’s readily available on this topic isn’t written by accountants or tax attorneys–it’s written by amateur crypto investors throwing out baseless, and downright dangerous advice. So it’s time to set the record straight: All of the advice that you’ve read online about crypto and taxes is wrong. If you’re willing to take this uninformed advice when filing your taxes this year, then you should be prepared to face the consequences.

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Do you need to file an extension today?

Do you need to file an extension today? Here are the details. We've had a number of callers today experiencing a moment of panic about the deadline for filing an extension that is today. Should you be worried? If you have a Subchapter S (sub S) organization - Today is...

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FBAR and three other tax traps trading crypto

There are several tax traps that people trading crypto are falling into without knowing, starting with FBAR information returns. Let's understand what's required, what the trigger events are, and how to handle these traps. FBAR FBAR information returns are required...

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An Introduction

Keeping Track Of Mileage For Taxes