Location, location, location

We moved! We are at 3818 S Shepherd Dr., one block north of the Southwest Freeway. Ground level, parking right up front. You will love dropping by.


In 2017, we are going paperless. What that means to you is any paper forms you send or bring to us will be scanned into our secure file storage and the originals given right back to you. The copy of your tax return for you to review and sign will be sent to you by a secure file link as a PDF. When you have approved of the return, you will sign it with an e-signature or on your mobile device. You will be able to retrieve a copy of your returns at any time through our secure portal.

New staff

Gregory is still with us working as the practice manager. He’s been with us for a year this month. Chuck Norton has entered as a partner in the business responsible for operations and technology. Chuck brings decades of Fortune 100 experience to the firm, making all of the digits talk to each other. Lastly, Raul Gutierrez joins us after many years on Seal Team Seven, bringing focus, attention to detail and clear communication - along with fluent Spanish.

New website and mobile app

Our new website has unique video content, selected short IRS videos on relevant topics, deadline reminders for all tax filings and obligations, and an online appointment calendar by which you can set your own appointment. Our new mobile app gives you ongoing status of your tax return and e-file, allows you to update your address, review and sign your return.

Better phone access

We have improved our phone tree, and transfer times have been improved.

Superior security

By the start of tax season, not only will we have eliminated paper client records, we will have also have eliminated on site data files. Houston floods, hurricane, fire, mobs with pitchforks - none of it will get at your records, or slow us down.

That’s the news summary for 2017.

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