Things are growing and blowing over here at Your Tax Guy’s shop!!

First, I now e-file! Life will be easier for all of us. Plus, I can offer some bank products that help you pay the fees and get your refund faster.

Next, based on Facebook and Yelp reviews, I am the highest rated tax preparer in the Houston region! If you’re on Facebook or on Yelp, look me up and leave a review of your own!

New Phone System

If you’ve called my office lately, you’ve discovered that there’s a new phone system in place - I’m still easy to find at extension 700. (This will tell you if the office is closed and what not.) There are extensions for employees! (I know, right?) You can reach Greg, the office manager, at extension 703.

Here’s the part you will love: You can learn the status of your return! Has it been filed? Did the IRS receive it? Has the IRS accepted it? And (the best part): the status of your refund! Check out extension “0” after January 20, 2016.

Yes or No?

You know how sometimes these documents show up in the mail, and you don’t know whether they’re important or not, and then later, you can’t find them again? I have a solution! I have a special large envelope printed with the various forms and documents that you must save for me. You can quickly determine if it’s a keeper. Then, chunk it into the envelope! You’ll have everything together when you’re ready to do your taxes.

Just send me a note or call and tell me you want one.

Let’s see, e-file, new phones, new employees, new reviews, more organization … I think that’s everything for now!



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