It used to be really simple - “Here’s My Tax Guy’s business card”.

I am pretty sure you don’t carry my business cards around with you - so, in the moment you can say “you should use My Tax Guy. He’s at Clever, huh?

Let’s check out the different ways you can drag and drop a referral to a friend.

Give them my phone number

Easy to do, right? Please give out my local office number - 713-893-7348 (not my cell number). This helps me keep track of who has called and when.

Give them my email address

Also easy! The preferred address for new client contacts is

Share my Facebook business page or Yelp business page

If this makes sense to you, then great! A lot of people prefer to check someone out on one of these reviewed apps before making contact with someone.

However you send someone my way, I really appreciate it - please shoot me a note to tell me that you’ve referred someone so I know whom to thank!

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