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Professional Services TERMS AND CONDITIONS

For all clients



Divo Consulting is pleased to work with you to resolve some of the common frustrations that nearly everyone has in the areas in which we have expertise. Our service areas include:

  • Personal tax preparation
  • Bookkeeping and accounts payable management
  • Internet research and document retrieval
  • Forensic review of business records and public record footprint searching
  • Subcontract tax preparation services

The Fee Quote or Proposal

Our relationship normally begins with a written fee quote or proposal. Often we can quote an exact fee for a specific assignment, and there are times when we can offer our best suggestion of what fees will be incurred during the assignment. You will get a written fee proposal before the relationship formally begins. Our relationship begins with your acceptance of the fee proposal and your payment of the fee or of an acceptable portion.


Some things may change the fee agreement. For example:


  • Change in scope of the assignment
  • Discovery that you need additional work not previously discussed
  • Repetitious contact
  • We will request your approval of the change in fee. We may perform the changes you have authorized BEFORE a revised fee proposal has been sent to you.

The Fee Payment or Deposit


  • All new clients to our firm are required to pay not less than 50% of the quoted or proposed fee before work will begin.
  • Any anticipated costs, such as filing fees or document order fees, must be paid in advance IN ADDITION to the 50% fee deposit
  • Fee payments can be paid by check, credit card, PayPal, or Intuit Payment systems. Non-traditional payment systems are also available; ITEX barter payments and Bitcoin payments are accepted.
  • Should you not act on a written fee quote or proposal within seven calendar days, the quote will expire. Returned payments are treated as though no payment to secure the relationship was received.

The Solution Without You is No Solution At All

Sometimes, the decision to hire someone to assist you through your situation is easier than actually participating in getting the work done. If more than forty-five days have elapsed since the date you’ve engaged us to help you, and all of the requested information and/or documents haven’t been given to us to work with, you should understand that the following changes to your situation will apply:


  • Any fees pre-paid are non-refundable, but can be credited toward a re-start of the work when you’re ready.
  • Any work done on your behalf will be billed against your pre-paid fees or deposit, based on hourly standard rates for the work done, and your pre-paid fees or deposit will be reduced by that amount. meaning that you will not have your entire pre-paid fee or deposit available to cover the project costs when you’re ready to re-start.
  • One calendar year following the date you paid the fee deposit or partial fee payment, if you have not requested that we re-start the project AND you have accepted the updated fee quote AND provided us with all of the documents, information and other requested material to complete the assignment, any fees you paid will be unavailable for credit toward future work, and are considered fully earned by us.



The Internal Revenue Service requires that we follow stringent data security procedures. Therefore, the below information storage, transmission and return policies are observed by us.

Client Information Delivery

We value the security of your confidential information. Client information (documents, notes, otherwise) can be send to us in any of the following ways:


  • Personal drop off – face to face ONLY, don’t leave anything at our facility that you haven’t handed to one of our staff
  • Delivery to our UPS Store box by personal delivery, US Mail, or commercial carrier or runner
  • Secure transfer into our Tresorit document drop box

These methods of sending us information are NOT acceptable:

  • Email
  • Dropbox or other non-secure data transfer services
  • Fax

Client Information Storage

Generally speaking, we work to strictly limit the amount of confidential information kept on hand on behalf of our clients. Any documentation or confidential information kept for your benefit is retained in our encrypted Tresorit online repository. You can, if you choose, access all of the information in your encrypted Tresorit folder. Ask us for a secure link for your folder.

Any physical documents that you deliver to us will be returned to you when the assignment is completed.


Divo Consulting is continually seeking to improve its knowledge, capabilities and soft infrastructure to support our clients’ needs:

  • IRS annual tax preparer certification
  • Continuing education
  • Credit services organization bond
  • Improved processes


Your acceptance of our fee quote or proposal by paying the requested fee deposit constitutes your acceptance of these Terms of Service.

If you have questions on this proposal, feel free to contact Douglas Hord at your convenience by email at tax@douglashord.com or by phone at 844-262-7811. We will be in touch with you next week to arrange a follow-up conversation on the proposal.

Thank you for your business, We look forward to working with you!

Respectfully yours,

Douglas J Hord
Your Tax Guy in Houston

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