Tax return preparation is something that can go from not very expensive at all to really expensive.


So, what does it cost then?


Here are some guidelines you can consider – these are not firm prices.


You have a W-2 or a couple of them, no children, self-employment – probably around $145.00


You have some children or dependents and qualify for the EIC – between $220 and $300


You are a contractor and use your car to get back and forth to gigs – about $199


You have an LLC, and a home, and you use your vehicle in business – between $450 and $700


You forgot something on last year’s tax return and need to amend and respond to an IRS form request - $250 or higher


Please use these as an idea of how much I charge to help you with your tax filings, but the final price is determined by how many forms are used and whether we re-work your return more than a couple of times.


Before we go up from the original estimated fee, you’ll have a chance to see what the total fee is.


If you’re unhappy with the fee, no problem – you are not obligated at all!


If you need your preparation fees taken out of your refund, or need a speedy refund, there are separate fees relating to those services.


These fee guidelines are binding for 30 days from your seeing this page.

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