I started a series of new social media posts - they’re pretty nifty, and I thought you’d like to see them all in one place. So, here they are!

Started a new business? I do that.
Need a budget to pay everything off? I do that.
Don’t like balancing your checkbook? I do that.
Don’t keep good records and feel helpless? I do that.
Got behind on filing your taxes? I do that.
Job search expenses? I do that.
Went back to school and don’t know how to handle the forms? I do that.
Moved and had income in two different states? I do that.
Your company paid only PART of your work expenses? I do that.
Did your old tax person vanish on you? I do that.
Lost all your records, and don’t know how to get them from the IRS? I do that.
Not sure how much of that trip you took was business? I do that.
Does your little non-profit need a 501(c) application? I do that.
Inherit stocks and don’t know how to deal with the 1099? I do that.
Got a notice from the IRS and don’t know what it says? I do that.
Need an installment plan for that tax bill? I do that.
1099s are wrong? I do that.
Rental property? I do that.
Calculate your estimated payments? I do that.
Remote book keeping with FREE QBO? I do that.
COGS and contractors? I do that.
Home office deduction? I do that.

You have a problem? I do that.12 years Capture DouglasHord Logo FINAL

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