Need help filing those pesky 1099s or W2s this year? Only five days left to get them in on time!!

1099s or W2s for each employer EIN –
Fewer than five - $75
Six to fifteen - $155
Sixteen to forty - $225
Forty-one to Sixty - $325
Sixty-one to 75 - $450
75 to 125 - $650
125 to 175 - $950

Service includes 1099 and/or W-2 preparation, completion of transmittal forms, mailing/email delivery of individual forms, filing of transmittal statement and IRS/SSA copies and confirmation. No extra fees for forms or postage!

Orders/requests must be paid for/data received on or before Saturday, 28 January at 200 pm CST.

Call or email!

W-9/W-4/I-9 service is available, Ask for a quote.

If you know someone who could use this service, please give them this info!!

Do you need to file 1099 forms?


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