Consultant:  (n), 1.  a person with a profession or professional degree who is displaced in his employment for a long period of time, and calls himself a consultant so as to have a “job” while actually freelancing and stitching together everything from mowing lawns to engaging in his profession.  2.  A person who, after the age of 45, is uninsurable for his health

It’s been so long that I’ve been without employer paid health insurance, I can’t really remember what it was like.

A man without health insurance.  Up a creek without a paddle, as my dad used to say.

Living in Texas, I have been fortunate to have access to a state administered health insurance pool, the “Risk Pool”, which covers regardless of health history.  Unfortunately, the Texas Risk Pool charges a bleeding fortune, requires a hard $5000 out of pocket BEFORE anything is paid, and has a one year exclusion for pre-existing conditions and their consequent complications.

So, $6,000 in premium, $5,000 out of pocket and then pay that for a year BEFORE what ails you is covered.

Let’s not say I rushed right out.

However, the vilified “Obamacare” has already yielded a remarkable change - I can get insurance through the NEW risk pool!

How it works is very straight forward.  The Bellingham Herald newspaper has a great synopsis.  I’ll let them speak about it here.

Basically, you need three things:

  1. Live in one of the listed states and be a US Citizen
  2. Have been denied coverage in the previous six months because of your health history.  You must have a copy of your denial letter, or exclusion letter
  3. Have been without insurance for the previous six months

Check out the Obamacare website for more information about what coverage you may qualify for here and apply for this coverage here.

If you have incorporated your self-employment business, or have a small business without health coverage - you should remember that there is a tax credit that will offset your premium payments for health insurance!

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