If you’re in the real estate or related industry, you probably have a smart phone. Blackberry, Treo, something that accesses the internet, has a full keyboard, does it all. Many Realtors now have smart phones that are their Supra key.

Have you ever marveled at one of these little hand held devices and remembered what it was like fifteen years ago? How much like Star Trek are these little things?

They’re going to get a whole lot more complex, and a whole lot faster than you may think. In another four years, what we’ll be buying will seem far more like a Star Trek tricorder than what we’re using now. You have seen the billboards for “3G wireless networks” - welcome to 4G.

Now, if you go to that linked article about 4G and can read it and understand it, you’re probably a physicist or something. I looked at it a few times and boiled it down to this:

* None of the phones we’re using now will work at all in about three years
* What we’re just now starting to get used to - streaming video on our handheld, slow and clunky internet, navigation on our handhelds - is merely a baby step compared to the 4G devices that we’ll see awfully soon
* The only thing that will hold a 4G device back is the screen size. There will be some 4G handheld devices that will have more computing power than the laptop I’m writing this on - and you can use it to stream movies, work at your desk, or in replacement of the stereo system and navigation system in your car through wireless Bluetooth-like technology and full sized monitors/keyboards.
* South Korea has already re-wired their wireless networks to 4G and is rolling out the products - this is not speculation, it is coming more certainly than the inaguration on January 20
* In another five years or so, your new car will have a video screen, and a power/cable plug for your 4G device, which will be the video/audio/satellite radio/navigation system/trip computer/telephone for your vehicle. If you rent a car, you’ll have your normal and familiar functionality with you.
* No more laptop cases, no more lugging your eight pound device around. No more desktop computers. Monitors, keyboards and pointers (commonly called a mouse) with a power port will be the work stations of the very near future. This alone will massively reduce electrical consumption.
* You’ll never have to miss your favorite TV program ever again!

Well, Lieutenant Uhura, get me Star Fleet on the comm!

What to do with this information? If you’re challenged by your Blackberry NOW, take a class about them at HCC or something! The train is whistling to leave the station, and your competitors (who can handle this massive technology shift) will be aboard!

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