Well, the Fed has thrown up their hands and said “Here, just take the damned money!” They’ve depressed interest rates again to a level that is almost as low as what we were seeing three and four years ago.

How low? Try an average of 5.19% 30 year fixed. That means that some lenders are offering 30 year fixed loans in the high 4% range.

Well, whoop it up, right?

Not exactly.

Here is a short list of people/scenarios which can no longer get loans:

* Stated income
* More than four mortgages including husband and wife together
* Non-warrantable condos
* Condos that are not FNMA/FHA compliant
* Neighborhoods with more than 10% foreclosed units
* Credit scores under 680 (FNMA) or 580 (FHA)

I’ll tell you, this list is going to have people bellowing “oh, but I know I can do such and such.”

And, they may be right. They could have very well done so. However, it’s going to take the right borrower, the right property and the right lender to get those things done. If you’re looking at a scenario where the proposed borrower is one of these things, get a back up contract at the very least. If you’re a borrower with one of these situations, find a TERRIFIC mortgage broker and get fully approved FIRST.

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